Once your purchase is completed you will be guaranteed  access and use of our VIP Tailgate Area (only one avaliable) next to Greenville Ave on 3/16/2019. 640 square feet of "Primo Parade Party Pad" the equivilent of 4 parking spaces (although only one vehicle can be parked in this area). This spot is  "front row". The only thing between this area and Greenville Ave is the sidewalk. Feel free to set up a tent, chairs, flags, tables and coolers in your space. As long as they fit in your designated area. Any additional props and or items must be approved by the parking lot management staff.


Arrive any time after 10pm on FRIDAY 3/15/2019 to park your vehicle. Any additional items (ie: tents, chairs, tables) can not be placed in the area until the morning of the parade. Any time after 6am is fine. Bring your purchase receipt  (it will be emailed to you within minutes of your purchase) and a VALID ID, to gain access to the front row parking.



Feel free to play your own music with the understanding that the volume levels will be at the discretion of the parking lot management staff.


 Patrons ARE NOT ALLOWED to bring a PORTA POTTY(S) we already have plenty on site.

All sales are FINAL. No refunds


Parking Managed by Superlative Valet & Transportation


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OZONA Front Row Greenville Ave VIP Tailgate Area (640 sq ft)

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